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Feel Secure with a Quick Cash Loan

The advent of the Internet has opened the doors to a whole new world, allowing the curious to access a seemingly limitless library of information with the click of a mouse; taking homebodies to far-off destinations; and gives people the opportunity to take advantage of services like ours without even having to leave their homes. However, as with all positives, it's also introduced society to a few negatives. The modern miracle has paved the way for whole new breeds of criminals, including Internet predators, hackers and identity thieves.

Top-Notch Security

For us, keeping your vital information shielded from uninvited eyes is a top priority that we continually monitor and strive to improve upon. We utilize the most cutting edge encryption programs to scramble the details of your online application the moment you hit "send," and then change the undecipherable coding multiple times in the few seconds it takes for it to travel through cyberspace. Once it arrives in our secure office, your application is immediately retrieved by one of our trusted loan specialists, who then processes your request, transfers your money and collects the payment before personally sealing the account. That means during the entire process, only one person views your application. That's in complete contrast to the procedure employed by conventional lenders, who hand off an application to as many as 10 different people before all is said and done. By excising the excessive number of people traditionally involved in processing a quick cash loan, we get your money to you in a fraction of the time of conventional lenders and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal information is in good hands.

Credit Care

We also keep your credit report safe and clean by not checking your credit history. Whenever someone does so, a notation is made on your credit report that in inquiry has occurred. Too many inquiries raises your risk factor because it shows potential creditors that you've been seeking credit from several sources. And the higher your risk factor, the lower your chances will be of getting approved. But since we don't request a copy of your credit report, it remains unscathed and your rating will remain in the condition it was in before you borrowed money.

Tight Lips

When you apply for a conventional loan, the lender verifies the information you provided by calling such people as your current and past employers, personal references and professional associates. Whether you want everyone to know you've applied for a loan is inconsequential, because by the time all is said and done, everyone will. But when you apply for assistance, the professional assigned to your application makes just one call: to your bank. He or she confirms your employment by checking to see if your paycheck is regularly deposited and then makes arrangements to transfer the money you requested directly into your account. And that's it. Whether you want to share your personal business with coworkers, friends and family members is up to you. But they certainly won't hear about it from us.